Coca-Cola HBC among world sustainability leaders

Thanks to the achieved results in sustainable business, Coca-Cola HBC is listed among the 10 leading international companies according to the EcoAct Annual Sustainability Report.

Zagreb, October 1, 2020 - According to the jubilee, tenth, EcoAct Sustainability Report, Coca-Cola HBC is ranked among the ten most sustainable international companies and the most successful beverage bottling company listed on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE 100). On the FTSE 100 list, Coca-Cola HBC took a high fourth place in the overall ranking of companies from all industrial sectors.

EcoAct is a consulting firm that helps corporations redefine business processes to achieve climate change goals and overall business sustainability. In the annual Report, which measures the success of companies in the sustainability segment, EcoAct ranks companies listed on leading exchanges around the world: CAC 40, DOW 30, FTSE 100 and IBEX 35. Along with Coca-Cola, the list of the most successful includes prominent international companies such as Apple , Unilever and Microsoft.

Coca-Cola HBC Group, to which the Croatian bottling plant belongs, has been at the top of the beverage industry in Europe and the world for years in terms of results and success in meeting sustainability goals. for which she has so far received awards such as:

  • the most sustainable European company in the food and beverage sector and the second most sustainable on the global list according to the Dow-Jones Sustainability Index,
  • the most sustainable company in the food and beverage sector in the world according to Vigeo Eiris* and the most sustainable on the FTSE100 list according to the FTSE Russel ESG (environmental protection, social contribution and management)**,
  • achieved the highest possible results according to environmental impact indicators in the field of climate change (CDP Climate Change), water (CDP Water) and sustainability rank of MSCI ESG***,
  • Inclusion in the FTSE4Good index since its establishment in 2001.

Through the overall and very ambitious goals of   Mission 2025, Coca-Cola HBC wants to achieve by 2025 that 100% of consumer packaging that we put on market can be recycled and support collection of 75% of packaging sold.

Coca-Cola HBC Croatia is committed to the goals set at the Group level by continuously fulfilling them, and in certain areas even exceeding. Since 2017 alone, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia has increased the amount of recycled water by 17%, reduced water consumption by 6.3%, increased the share of recycled waste (the current level is as high as 99%), increased the share of recycled PET material in carbonated packaging beverages from 10% to 20%, reduced CO2 emissions by 14% and energy consumption by 7%.

In addition to innovation and achieving goals in the field of environment, Coca-Cola in Croatia through its projects seeks to contribute to the improvement of the community, which has been an integral part for more than five decades. For example, this year, with the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation, the Šibenik Zero Waste City initiative was launched in Šibenik aimed at raising citizens' awareness of recycling, encouraging the development of waste reduction habits and providing waste separation infrastructure on the city's beaches and streets.

Faced with extraordinary circumstances due to the corona virus epidemic, as well as the damage from the earthquake that hit Zagreb, we supported our communities to recover as quickly as possible by donating $ 375,000 to Red Cross Croatia. It is part of a total of $ 120 million that Coca-Cola has donated to communities around the world through The Coca-Cola Foundation. In addition to financial aid, we also donated 7,407 L of water and beverages to medical staff and the Red Cross. Additionally, we helped our customers in HoReCa channel through Raise the Bar project by supporting bartenders at the minimum wage.

More information on  Mission 2025 can be found on Coca-Cola HBC Croatia website.

EcoAct Sustainability Report-


* Vigeo Eiris is an agency that evaluates the success of companies and organizations in the integration of corporate social responsibility and provides support in the application of ESG elements (environmental protection, social contribution and management) in business processes.

** FTSE Russell is a global provider of data modeling and insurance tools for operational and production risks and opportunities in the field of ESG.

*** MSCI ESG ranks companies ’long-term resilience to ESG risks, primarily in financial terms, using artificial intelligence and alternative data models.