Coca-Cola in Croatia

Coca-Cola HBC Croatia d.o.o. (CC HBC Croatia) is in the majority ownership of the mother company, Coca-Cola HBC A.G. (CCHBC, the Group) operating in 28 countries, one of the biggest bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company’s products.

Coca-Cola HBC Croatia is the only licensed bottling company in Croatia, producing, bottling and distributing products of The Coca-Cola Company in Croatia for fifty years. The first bottle of Coca- Cola in Croatia was produced on 17 September 1968 at Milan Sachs Street in Zagreb, which is still the site of the company’s headquarters and its main production and distribution centre today.

Coca-Cola HBC operates across the whole Croatia, with one bottling plant in Zagreb and six warehouses and distribution centres in Zagreb, Solin, Rijeka, Zadar, Požega and Baderna.

Coca-Cola-in-cro Coca-Cola-in-cro

Of the total of 151.4 million litres of non- alcoholic beverages that Coca-Cola HBC imports or produces for the local market, 121.8 million litres (80.5 %) are produced in Croatia.

Currently, we distribute a range of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, water, energy drinks, and alcohol.

In recent years, production facilities in Solin (2011) and Gotalovac (2013) have been phased out as a result of negative market trends and the importance of consolidating production in a central location.