About the project

The objective of Raise the Bar project is to align the knowledge and skills of people with the needs of employers in tourism and hospitality sector.

Apart from the development of people skills, the aim of  this socially responsible project is tackling the issue of shortage of well-trained workforce by sharing the knowledge which can be applied in real business conditions.

This education program with specially designed modules focuses on the needs of the most sought-after professions: chefs, waiters and bartenders.

We have already organized several humanitarian brunches (marendine), and awarded the first three scholarships for talents in gastronomy in cooperation with Budi Foodie foundation. The scholarships for professional training at the world's best institutes constitute a real contribution to tackling the issue of shortage of well-trained workforce, which is one of the most significant obstacles to further development of tourism and hospitality sectors.

Within this context, we build partner relationships with secondary schools serving as regional centers of competence in this sector, but also with everyone who wishes to participate in projects aimed at strengthening the business and life skills of people by aligning education curricula with market needs.  

In order to help align employer needs and the skills and knowledge of existing employees, we have established our own education center for waiters, bartenders and baristas. In addition to advanced equipment, necessary tools and ingredients, we provide an opportunity for learning about and mastering the latest techniques in line with current trends in gastronomy and hospitality. The training is intended for people with at least one year of experience in hospitality sector. The participants will receive Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and European Bartender School certificate.

About the education center

Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia wishes to use its extensive experience and know-how to provide better training for people with at least one year of experience in hospitality sector and for this purpose, the company is opening a modern education center at its headquarters in Zagreb.

The education center is equipped with modern equipment, tools and ingredients for practical teaching as well as settings for simulating work in real conditions. Extracurricular classes are conducted according to curriculum developed in cooperation with the European Bartender School, one of the world's leading schools for bartenders whose education program is internationally recognized in 29 countries.

The curriculum includes the skills necessary for a successful work in HoReCa sector, including a comprehensive overview of the markets and trends, education on the history, classification, production and tasting of all categories of strong alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and coffee, theory behind and practical application of 75 classic cocktail recipes and making own cocktail ingredients. Participants will learn about workplaces, responsibilities and work distribution, and will acquire practical skills and management basics in HoReCa sector. All lessons are free of charge.


The entire educational program is divided into a theoretical and practical part, and lasts for a total of 12 weeks. The theoretical part lasts 8 weeks and runs on working days from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., while the practice lasts 4 weeks. Participants can choose between two program cycles. Indicate your preferred dates when completing the application form.

1st education cycle



Theory lessons: 7 October to 29 November 2019



Practice: 25 November to 31 December


2nd education cycle



Theory lessons: 17 February to 10 April 2020



Practice: 30 March to 27 April 2020


Applications for Raise the Bar program are currently underway.

1st education cycle


Application period: 13 May to 15 September 2019

2nd education cycle


Application period: 13 May 2019 to 31 January 2020

Preferred dates may be indicated when completing the application form.

Selection process


Coca‑Cola expert team will select 15 people who will be enrolled to the program on the basis of their final scores and a brief interview.

The selection of candidates who applied for the first training cycle will be from 16 to 27 September 2019.

For those candidates who have applied for the second training cycle, the selection will be from 3 to 14 February 2020.

All candidates who submit a properly completed application form will be notified about the selection process status, regardless of the selected preferred date.


The lecturers are top experts in the field of hospitality industry who will share their knowledge and professional experience in order to prepare participants for work in real business conditions in accordance with the defined education program.

Kruno Rozić - Coca‑Cola HBC Adria


Kruno Rozić is a Coca‑Cola brand ambassador at Adria BU level and a bartender with extensive experience. He started his career as a barista at the 42 Coffee Co. café bar and continued improving his barista and bartender knowledge and skills at Dežman Bar. He worked as a bar consultant at Zagreb-based Jaegerhorn Hotel and Dubrovnik-based One Suite Hotel. Although he had been developing and improving his skills in various bars across Croatia over the years, he returned to Zagreb to work as the head bartender at Aperitivo Bar. He attends the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb.

His great love for cocktails and years of experience in HoReCa sector have motivated him to develop projects aimed at popularizing the cocktail scene. He is the founder of Croatian Modern Classic competition that brings together nineteen bars in Croatia and more than thirty of the country’s finest bartenders. He also established Wunder Bar, a bar consulting agency dedicated to increasing the number of highly skilled bartenders and attractive bars in Croatia. The most important project initiated by Kruno is the Ministry of Taste, an Instagram profile dedicated to the promotion of Croatian bartenders and their cocktail creations.



Andrea Klemenčić is a manager working in the hotel industry in gastronomy and restaurant sectors. She graduated from the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management. She subsequently obtained additional qualifications as a brand manager at Filaks business school in Zagreb and improved her knowledge by obtaining an internationally recognized WSET Level 2 award in wine and spirits.

Andrea has more than eighteen years of working experience in the management of HoReCa facilities, i.e. five years in restaurants and bistros and thirteen in the bar segment, while participating in brand building, employee training as well as food and beverage menu planning. One of her accomplishments worth mentioning is the design and introduction of Dežman Bar and Dežman Mini Bar (Zagreb) brands and the creation of the Lokal in One brand, a bar at the One Suite Hotel. She played an active part in the One Suite Hotel project in general, which won an International Hospitality Award in Kiev as the best newly opened hotel in Europe in 2017. She also worked as a writer for the Buro 24/7 gastronomy portal for one year.

Andrej Čapka – Zmajska pivovara


Andrej Čapka is the director and owner of Zmajska pivovara established in 2014. He is one of the pioneers of the craft beer business in Croatia as well as the founder and main administrator of pivarstvo.info, an online portal launched in 2007. He is the organizer of numerous domestic and international craft brewery competitions and regularly serves as a judge at international competitions. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Andrej Čapka worked seven years as a program developer at Interactive d.o.o. and three years in the composite industry and the production of specialized racing car and aircraft parts. Andrej attended the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and the Faculty of Food and Biotechnology in Zagreb.

His years of experience in the craft beer business motivated Andrej to establish Zmajska pivovara, the first Croatian craft brewery, to offer end users innovative and diverse types of beer and to set new standards on the market. Andrej Čapka and his team realized in the first year that they were on the right track when Zmajska pivovara was listed as one of the top ten newly opened breweries in the world in 2015.

Ivan Jug – restoran Noel


Ivan Jug is the best Croatian sommelier and the first Croatian sake sommelier certified by the Sake Sommelier Association (SSA). He is also the manager and co-owner of Noel Restaurant, the first Zagreb-based restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star. Ivan attended the School of Hospitality and earned the title of chef. After working as a chef for three years, he completed a retraining and requalification program and became a waiter. In 2011, he became one of the first sommeliers with a diploma from the Croatian Sommelier Club that operates in accordance with the ASI standards. He has received numerous recognitions and acknowledgements, including an international diploma awarded in accordance with ASI standards, which has so far been awarded to fewer than ten people in Croatia. By continuously advancing his knowledge, Ivan has become one of the key players on the Croatian restaurant scene.

Project partners



 E-mail: raisethebar@cchellenic.com