The authentic souvenir, a key chain in the form of an acorn made from oak that is thousands of years old, is a pledge for the touristic future of the city.

Zupanja, June 11, 2010 – The beginning of the Sava Fair within the framework of the Our Beautiful Sava project was marked with the promotion of the third successive Sava continental tourism souvenir. On the Sava promenade, the fair hosted numerous Zupanja residents and guests, including famous actor Ivo Gregurevic, who marked Sava River Day along with tamburitza music, fish stew and autochthonous dishes.

Representatives of the City of Zupanja, the Tourism Board of the city of Zupanja, the International Sava River Basin Commission and Coca‑Cola Hrvatska, along with help from Tomislav Marjanovic from the Society of Innovators Sigma, introduced the souvenir at the Stjepan Gruber Heritage Museum, right next to Zupanja’s Sava promenade.

“The key chain in the form of an acorn made from Sava oak that is thousands of years old was retrieved from the river bed and is reminiscent of the rich tradition of the Sava region. I would like to thank Coca‑Cola Hrvatska for presenting the local community with 20 such key chains as a pledge for the touristic future of our city”, pointed out the director of the Tourism Board of the city of Zupanja, Mirko Bacic.

“By presenting local communities with unique souvenirs, we want to inspire people and the business community to think about the importance of preserving water potentials, and at the same time we are realising the basic goal of our project – through cooperation between institutions on all levels we are raising awareness about the protection and promotion of Sava River”, said Boska Trbojevic, director of the Communication and Public Relation Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska.

Throughout the day, people had the opportunity to enjoy fish specialities prepared on the promenade by chefs, performances by the tamburitza band Zlatne niti, as well as the photo exhibition Life Along the Sava Over the Centuries. Apart from the tasting of traditional food and beverages like Slavonian kulen (paprika-flavoured salami) and sljivovica (plum brandy) from OPG Sarcevic, traditional crafts were exhibited, handicrafts by the Sokacki divani Cooperative, as well as artefacts and folk costumes like those presented by the Etno Ana Association.

Producers of gold embroidery and souvenirs like OPG Dominkovic and Ceste zlatne niti were also amongst the exhibitors, while fair visitors had, amongst other things, the opportunity to see lace presented by the Zlatne ruke Association and to taste honey from OPG Baotic.

“Through the realisation of the promenade along Sava River and by joining the Our Beautiful Sava project, the city of Zupanja is realising its basic goals – to promote environmental protection and to bring back as many people as possible to Sava River, which is becoming the most important gathering place for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest”, pointed out Zupanja Mayor Davor Milicevic.

The socially responsible project Our Beautiful Sava began with a Sava Fair on Bundek on May 29 and the promotion of the Sava cravat in Davor on May 31, it continued with fairs in Sisak on June 5 and in Zupanja on June 11, and next up is a fair in Slavonski Brod on July 2. The aim of the project is to promote awareness of the importance of protecting Croatia’s waters and water potentials, and to encourage eco-tourism and touristic contents on sustainability bases.

The project was initiated jointly by the International Sava River Basin Commission, the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, and Coca‑Cola Hrvatska in cooperation with Hrvatske vode and the Agency for Inland Waterways.

On a national level, the project was supported this year by the Croatian Tourism Board and the Plodine supermarket chain, while the City of Zupanja offered support in the organisation of the Sava Fair in Zupanja.

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