The aim of the programme is to raise awareness of the importance of preserving water resources, to stimulate continental ecotourism and development of sustainable tourism.

Zagreb, May 27, 2010 - This year the ‘Our Beautiful Sava’ programme begins with a fair in Zagreb, the biggest urban centre along River Sava, and with the promotion of the Sava cravat in the town of Davor near Nova Gradiška, announced representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management, the International Sava River Basin Commission and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

The Sava fairs will showcase traditional arts and crafts and culinary specialities and wines from the Sava region. In addition, visitors will learn about the importance of the river and the potential for sustainable tourism development. Apart from the fair on Zagreb’s Bundek Lake on May 29, Sava fairs will also be organised along the river in three other big towns. in Sisak on June 5, in Županja on June 11 and in Slavonski Brod on July 2.

The main programme will be organised on May 31 in Davor, famous around the world for the cravat and the only place in Croatia where residents truly live with their river. Apart from the promotion of the unique Sava cravat, visitors will have a chance to watch a movie to learn about life along the River Sava, read a book about Sava boatmen and visit the “Sava which means life” exhibit.

“The programme in Davor was organised on the eve of Sava River Day, and that’s not a coincidence,” said Ružica Drmić, Director of the Water Policy and International Projects Directory at the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management. “On the occasion of the day that marks our Sava River we wanted to be in a place that lives along that river, and through the promotion of the Sava cravat we wanted to encourage the business community and people to think about the importance of preserving our waters and and its potential.”

Dejan Komatina, Secretary of the International Sava River Basin Commission, stated, “Today, water is the biggest treasure of every country and a common good, and this social responsibility programme which contributes to awakening and raising awareness about the water potential of the River Sava, from the opportunities that renewed development of its navigability offers, to ecotourism and sustainable tourism development, are truly praiseworthy.”

Apart from the Sava cravat, the first unique tourism souvenirs will be introduced within the framework of this year’s programme. Thanks to partnership cooperation between Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and the Sigma Innovators Society, indigenous Sava souvenirs have been patented and made from thousand-year-old wood taken from the river bed and will be on display at Sava fairs throughout the month.

“By presenting local communities with souvenirs, Coca‑Cola wants to contribute to their promotion and show through its own example how the Croatian economy has to include to a larger extent patents and innovations by young, gifted people, of which there are many in Croatia”, stated Nikos Kalaitzidakis, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

He added that the European Excellence Award received for the ‘Our Beautiful Sava’ programme at the end of last year was the best proof for the success of this comprehensive project that includes institutions on all levels, from government bodies to the city administrations of Sisak, Slavonski Brod and Županja, as well as tourism boards and museums in Zagreb, Sisak, Slavonski Brod and Županja on a local level, with the aim to protect and promote the River Sava as a joint target.

On a national level, the project was supported this year by the Croatian Tourism Board, Hrvatski farmer (Croatian Farmer) and the Plodine supermarket chain, with media partners Večernji list and Poslovni dnevnik.

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