By July 1, activities will also be organised in other towns along the Sava River to encourage people to return to their river.

The fourth edition of the Our Beautiful Sava project, through which Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia strives to promote in cooperation with numerous partners the values of sustainable development and to advance continental tourism, was initiated with a three-day Sava Fair at Zagreb’s Bundek Lake. The fair, which was organised within the framework of the Florart exhibition from June 3 to 5, reached its peak on June 4, when, amongst other things, it was visited by Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić.

"This project is good because it promotes the return to the Sava. I love the Sava, if this weren’t the case, we wouldn’t have set up Bundek Lake. It will be even nicer when we establish another Botanical Garden, here, next to the Sava, with the flora and fauna of the Prisavlje area. If I don’t get it done, I hope the project will be successfully completed by someone else" – said the mayor.

The cheerful atmosphere carried him away as well, and he briefly sang together with the Cultural Artistic Society from Županja before continuing his other duties. The cheerful guests from Županja and Davor as well as members of the Cultural Artistic Society Horvati from Zagreb made sure that the fair exuded a true Sava atmosphere. Apart from tamburitza music and songs, visitors could also taste originally prepared fish specialties. The project partners covered a broad spectrum of visitor interests, so apart from the gastronomic offer, there was also an educational offer. Hrvatske vode organised the educational workshop Visible and Invisible Water World for the youngest visitors, while the fair also featured the photography exhibition Life along the Sava River over the Centuries. Amongst the exhibitors were various traditional crafts, but also gourmet specialities – on offer were traditional umbrellas and gold embroidery from Šestine, but also kulen sausages, honey, home-made brandy, wine, strawberries and herbs.

"This year we have nine times more partners than when we initiated the project and one novelty is that the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the Agency for Inland Waterways, Hrvatske vode, Hrvatski farmer and Lado have joined us on a national level" – explained Boška Trbojević, the director of the Communication and Public Affairs Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

The fair attracted numerous people, including many familiar faces such as actor Duško Modrinić, actress and singer Nera Stipičević, as well as Croatian Television news editor Sandra Križanec and television hosts Tatjana Jurić and Lana Klingor. The successful start of the project will soon be continued – the second Sava Fair will already be held in a week’s time, in Županja on June 11, followed by a fair in Sisak on June 18 and the big final in Slavonski Brod on July 1.


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