Within the framework of Hrvatske vode’s workshop Visible and Invisible Water World, visitors had the opportunity to convince themselves of the water quality of Sava River on the stretch that passes through Županja.

This year’s traditional Sava Fair on the Sava promenade in Županja, which was held for the fourth successive year within the social responsibility project Our Beautiful Sava, was marked by numerous visitors, the Children Herdsmen Games, excellent fish stew and a record number of exhibitors.

At the manifestation’s official opening, the deputy mayor of Županja, Mladen Dogan, thanked Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia for supporting the fair and for promoting Županja, while the deputy head of Vukovar-Srijem County, Mato Golubović, praised the project and said that its value lied in the promotion of economic and recreational activities and the ecological value of Sava River.

Dijana Katica, the president of the Management Board of Hrvatski farmer, pointed out how the Our Beautiful Sava project was an example of best practices in corporate social responsibility which promoted Županja as a rural tourism destination. “We in this project are not only collaborators but friends and I’m pleased that we are working on education and the promotion of the Save River basin”, said Katica while addressing project partners.

That the entire project is also winning over international sympathy is proven by Dean Komatica, the secretary of the International Sava River Basin Commission which has been supporting the project for four years. “With this project we convey a message in relation to the value and potentials of the Sava River basin and the need for sustainable development which would make it possible to take advantage of these potentials. I am happy that the purpose of the project, which is to bring the people who live along the Sava closer to the river, is being fulfilled”, said Komatica, expressing his hope that this type of activities and collaboration would continue in the future.

Apart from the good weather, children from Županja, Donje novo selo, Štitar and Podcrkavlje who competed in a number of disciplines in the yard of the Native Museum dressed in the traditional attire of their region were responsible for a particularly good atmosphere. Amongst them, the best were sought in disciplines such as an egg and spoon race, a “hit the zucchini” competition, running in pairs and finding objects hidden in hay. While the children fought loudly and stout-heartedly, the slightly older visitors enjoyed viewing a photography exhibition and traditional handicraft from the Županja region.

The Županja Tourism Board presented traditional harvest customs and dishes within the framework of the project “Our Daily Bread – Harvest in the Past”. Home-made brandy, original kulen sausage from Slavonia, hand-made genuine leather shoes, traditionally embroidered bags and folk costume elements attracted a large number of buyers. As the enterprising and creative members of various associations which presented their products put it, clothing with ethno elements keeps coming back into fashion and ever more young visitors find interesting objects at their stands. One characteristic of all products is that they are made from natural materials, locally and with the use of traditional production methods.
One of the novelties of this fair which attracted the attention of visitors of all ages groups was the educational and entertaining workshop Visible and Invisible Water World, which was organised by Hrvatske vode and within the framework of which visitors could see for themselves how live organisms live in waters of different quality. Visitors were also able to test the chemical composition of water from the Sava River in the Županja area and could compare it with samples taken in Zagreb. All tests showed in front of numerous witnesses that the water is of satisfactory quality in both cities.

The aim of the Our Beautiful Sava project is to promote awareness of the importance to protect Croatian waters and water resources and to promote eco-tourism and tourist content on sustainable development bases. It was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the International Sava River Basin Commission, the Croatian Chamber of Economy and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia along with support from Hrvatske vode, the company Hrvatski farmer, the Agency for Inland Waterways, the Tourism Board of the City of Županja and the City of Županja.


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