Launch of project to promote exercise in urban areas. Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, with the support of the City of Zagreb, wants to promote exercise and physical activity in parks and adopt the practice which is common in many of the world’s capitals.

Zagreb, October 2, 2010 – Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia launched a new project on Saturday, October 2, at Lake Bundek in Zagreb, with a whole-day exercise program for all age groups. The goal of the project is to encourage residents of large urban areas in Croatia to engage in physical activity, exercise and have a healthy lifestyle. PARKing project was launched by Coca‑Cola as part of this year’s European Mobility Week and with the support of the City of Zagreb.

Exercise, recreation and spending time in the park is good for human health. It is both refreshing and relaxing, and the goal of our project is to encourage residents of urban areas to do more physical activity. It would not be right to say that residents of Zagreb do not spend time in parks, but they do not use them enough for exercise, physical activity and sports. Instead of exercising in the park, people go to either Lake Jarun or Medvednica, which are somewhat more isolated areas. We would like to get to the point which is very common in other parts of the world, where people use parks for exercise and recreation on daily basis. We would like people to consider a park a place to relax, exercise and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, says Boška Trbojević, Public Affairs and Communication Manager in Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.
This explains why this year’s pilot project PARKing allowed promoted physical activity, especially exercise in a healthy and relaxing environment, such as a park. The event at Lake Bundek, on October 2, lasted the whole day. It began with the morning PARKing - gymnastics and stretching exercise at 10 a.m. – continued throughout the day and finished with the final, relaxing yoga practice at 6 p.m..
Fresh air and green surroundings attracted a large number of people, and there was a suitable form of exercise provided for each age group. Seniors could try some light exercise, there were work out sessions for parents, sessions for kids and a creative corner for the youngest visitors. All those who needed to relax and relieve daily stress could also get a free massage.
Lake Bundek and the park surrounding it were brimming with health, physical activity and the joy of living. According to what the visitors said, this should happen more often. Many public figures supported the PARKing event, such as Korana Gvozdić (model and TV host), Mirna Maras (TV host) and her husband Mario Valentić (actor and Pilates instructor), Zlata Muck and Tamara Loos (TV hosts), cadets from Medveščak hockey team and many others.


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