Bistra bike tour: Zadar is back on the bike on the Millennium Photo by Šime Strikoman, which serves as a reminder of the cycling tradition in Zadar. Many tourists took part in the tour along with some public figures, all of them expressing their support for the idea.

Several hundreds of Zadar residents and foreign tourists took part in Bistra bike tour Zadar is back on the bike, organized by Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and its partners - the City of Zadar, Zadar Tourist Board, Zadar Police Department and Moj Bicikl Association – and with the support of Andrija Štampar School of Public Health at the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. Fans of the healthiest means of transportation also took part in the shooting of the Millennium Photo at the Forum, the photo which will serve as a reminder of the cycling tradition in Zadar

"For eight years now, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has been promoting the bike as an alternative means of transportation in large urban areas. With this year’s bike tour in Zadar, we wanted to get across the message that the bike can also be used to design new programs and activities for tourists and we are very happy to see this many people joining the bike tour and showing their support for the idea that we are trying to promote. Cycling is not only a choice of how to get to work or what to do in spare time, it is a lifestyle that we need to be role models of because it is a way to protect the environment, reduce the level of noise and also improve our health as cycling is a physical activity which is natural for our body" – said Igor Ćutuk, Public Affairs Supervisor at Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

Participants in the bike tour also took part in the shooting of the 247th Millennium Photo. Its author, Šime Strikoman, is a photographer in constant search of new ideas for his photos. This time it was a bike tour and, of course, Bistra.

"I am very pleased that Zadar residents embraced the bike as the most efficient and the healthiest means of transportation. Cycling is the best to take in this wonderful scenery, and we often do that" – said Zrinka Cvitešić, a Croatian actress who came with Hrvoje Rupčić, a musician, to give support to cycling fans from Zadar and she joined the bike tour which passed by some of the city’s most famous attractions along its 8 km long route.

"Our police department is giving its best to inform Zadar residents about the benefits of using a bike as a means of transportation because there would be no more traffic jams and much less traffic in the city center" – said Denis Šare, assistant chief of Zadar Police Department which secured the bike tour route and followed it along its way.

The Mayor of Zadar, Dražen Grgurović, also came to express his support. The Mayor said he hoped this bike tour would encourage more people to use the bike as a means of transportation. Head of Zadar Tourist Board, Zvonko Šupe, said that cycling is an important activity to be promoted with tourists, since the number of people coming to visit the city is growing.

"Zadar is a pleasant city to ride a bike in, it is not too challenging, and thanks to the climate and the vegetation, it is possible to ride bike at virtually any time of the year" – said Šupe.
Darinka Jug from Moj bicikl Association once again repeated that the cooperation they had established with Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is an example of natural synergy in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle and a great example of public-private partnership in developing socially responsible projects. "Since only a half-an-hour ride is enough to satisfy the body’s daily need for physical activity, the bike is an excellent choice for urban commuters" – said Jug.

After the participants completed the 8 km long route, many of them hurried to the Forum for well-deserved refreshment provided by Bistra, and the luckiest of participants went home with Bistra bikes or other presents. Not only local residents went home with presents, but also some tourist. There is a growing number of them who bring their bikes along when coming to Zadar.

Next year Zadar is going to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the first time the bike was mentioned, and the partners which organised this event expressed their wish for it to be just the beginning of regular anniversary celebrations.

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