The central event of “Our beautiful Sava” project encouraged the business community and the Croatia citizens to pay more attention to protecting water and its potential.

Davor, May 31, 2010 – The central event of “Our beautiful Sava” project, which promotes corporate social responsibility, took place in a village called Davor, close to Nova Gradiška. The event saw the promotion of the “Sava necktie”, the first unique tourist souvenir of the Croatian interior.

The first specially designed necktie with a motif of the River Sava was produced by the company Potomac. It was presented by Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni, a famous Croatian singer and songwriter, Nikolaos Kalaitzidakis, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, and Đuro Anđelković, the municipal prefect. The design of the “Sava necktie” was created by Potomac designers in cooperation with experts from Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

There are currently three different design patterns available, each of them based on the motif of the characteristic shape of the Sava flow in Lonjsko polje (field surrounding the River Lonja). This motif is also used as the project’s trademark. The first series of 100 “Sava neckties” was given as a present to the Municipality of Davor today. Sales income will be allocated to the Municipality of Davor and used for further development and promotion of tourism in this region.

Besides this unique souvenir that was presented in Davor, visitors were also shown a short film entitled “Sava means life”. A book about Sava boatmen was presented as well, and a mast which is a tribute to boatmen from Davor.

Ružica Drmić, Head of Directorate for Water Policy and International Projects at the Ministry of regional development, forestry and water management, said: “We organised this program in Davor because we wanted to be in a place where the river is part of everyday life. We believe this is the best way to draw attention to the importance of protecting water and its potential and encourage sustainable development of tourism in this region.”

Đuro Anđelković, the municipal prefect of Davor, pointed out that the fact that Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni came to Davor also highlights the importance of the project. After inlanders have been promoting tourism on the Adriatic coast for years, Gibonni, a man from Dalmatia, decided to promote tourism in the Croatian interior.

Nikolaos Kalaitzidakis, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, said: “By giving the local communities in the region these specially designed souvenirs which symbolize a promising future for its tourism, we are reaching the goal of our project - by establishing cooperation between institutions at all levels we are raising awareness about the protection of the River Sava and contributing to its promotion.”

This year’s activities that are part of the project “Our beautiful Sava” were started on May 29 with the Sava Fair at Lake Bundek. They continued with the promotion of the “Sava necktie” in Davor on May 31, and upcoming activities include Sava Fairs in Sisak (June 5), Županja (June 11) and Slavonski Brod (July 2).

Janko Brnadić, Head of Directorate for Inland Waterway Navigation at the Ministry of the sea, transport and infrastructure, said: “Reestablishing inland waterway navigation on the River Sava is extremely important to all the countries through which the river flows, including, of course, Croatia. Projects such as “Our beautiful Sava” raise public awareness of the importance of the river and help create conditions that are necessary to establish inland waterway navigation. It is, in ecological terms, one of the most acceptable ways of transporting goods.”

The project was initiated by the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC), the Ministry of regional development, forestry and water management, the Ministry of the sea, transport and infrastructure, and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia with the support from Hrvatske vode (the Croatian water management company) and the Inland Waterways Agency.

On the national level, this year the project is supported by the Croatian National Tourist Board and Plodine retail chain.

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