Višnjan, July 2009 – Thirty high school students from all over Croatia took part in the 4th “Bistra Researchers 2009” educational camp which was held at the Scientific Educational Center Višnjan in July. Gifted high school students once again had the opportunity to spend their summer vacation expanding their knowledge and discovering the unbelievable world of natural sciences.

According to the head of the Scientific Educational Center Višnjan, Korado Korlević, a younger group of fifth and sixth grade students were included this year as well after last year’s camp which had included seventh and eighth grade students. The young archeologists, speleologists and biologists learned in natural surroundings and under professional guidance about natural attractions, water resources and the heritage of the Istria region.

“A group of biologists came up with significant work on mosquito research, examining when water stops to be suitable for the development of larvae, i.e. how much salt water needs to contain to stop the further development of mosquitoes”, said Korado Korlević and added that the members of the other researcher groups had been traditionally successfully as well.

The young archeologists thus managed for the first time to create a replica of a pre-historical oven for the production of ceramic dishes, and their success was also witnessed by their professors, who pointed out that as many as nine out of ten earthen replicas from the diligent hands of the youngsters were functional. Archeologists have been traditionally successful at Bistra summer camps. Last year, they discovered a pre-historic fort on Solenjak, two years ago the location of the St. Francis chapel from the 9th century, pointed out camp leader Korado Korlević

Based on the success of the young biologists this year, Korado Korlević announced cooperation with the head of the Upbringing and Education Agency from Osijek, which has shown interest in organizing a separate joint “Bistra Researchers” project next year for teachers from Osijek-Baranja County and Istria County on water research. The main focus would lie on research in relation to Kopački rit and Antenal, where teachers and professors would receive a quality education first of all.

The “Bistra Researchers” educational camp program is intended for high school students who want to get to know the world of science and technology in a new and interesting way, through play and guided research of phenomena in nature and through the creation of projects in areas such as astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and other sciences, which encourage a creative problem-solving approach and the learning of the basic skills and methods of “scientific thinking”, they offer experienced learning about basic scientific terms and working methods.

As a socially responsible partner in the community, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia invests through its brand Bistra in programs that are aimed towards children and young people. The aim of such support is to encourage the development of young people through science, creativity and responsible leadership.

Thus the longstanding support of the Višnjan educational camp is one of Bistra’s most important activities in this area. Water makes up close to two thirds of the human body, of which 60 percent is contained in cells, the remainder in intercellular spaces. Because of this alone it plays a crucial role in the physiological development and day-to-day functioning of the human body.

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