This year’s edition of European Mobility Week was brought to an end with a bike ride through downtown with the aim to promote alternative means of transportation in urban settings.

Last night’s jubilee tenth Zagrebačka žbica, a bike ride organised by the Moj bicikl association and the City of Zagreb with support from Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and its natural water Bistra, gathered once again hundreds of bicyclists who marked European Car Free Day with a ride through downtown with the aim to promote tolerance amongst all traffic participants and the use of bicycles as an affordable and healthy way to get around town.

“I am happy that ever more people who recognise the advantages of using bicycles as an alternative means of transportation join Zagrebačka žbica every year”, said Darinka Jug, the president of the Moj bicikl association, while reminding how Zagrebačka žbica is not a race of a competitive nature, but a bike ride through which the equality of bicyclists in traffic and mutual tolerance are promoted.

The bike ride was also joined by employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia who also use bicycles as an alternative means of transportation to get to work within the framework of the Bike to Work project which was initiated in cooperation with the Moj bicikl association.

“The cooperation between the Moj bicikl association and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia dates back to 2003 and is the result of a natural synergy in the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle and it is an excellent example of a public-private partnership in coming up with social responsibility projects such as Zagrebačka žbica, the Bistra Bike Tour and Bike to Work. By cooperating in such projects, we want to promote a healthy lifestyle, the importance of movement and caring about one’s health”, said Boška Trbojević, the director of the Public Affairs and Communications Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

Participants started gathering and registering on Petar Preradović Square at 5 p.m. and participants had the opportunity to partake in a raffle to win a Bistra bike by dropping their start number in a box at the Moj bicikl information booth. The cyclist convoy took off at 6 p.m. and rode under police escort through downtown on a 7-km-long route. The program ended with a concert by the bands Cinkuši and Valungari, marking the tenth anniversary of Zagrebačka žbica.

Zagrebačka žbica also represented the marking of European Car Free Day, which is at the same time the finale of European Mobility Week, during which the Moj bicikl association organised various activities to raise awareness amongst Zagreb’s residents about the advantages of using bicycles as an alternative means of transportation in urban areas. The activities to mark Mobility Week were also joined by the PARKiranje project through which the company Ex-Alto and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia promote movement and exercise in city parks. One traditional partner of European Mobility Week is the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia, which printed, in cooperation with Zagrebački holding – ZET branch and the Moj bicikl association, maps featuring bike lanes as well as public transportation maps for the city of Zagreb. The fact that more than 2,000 cities in Europe, including Zagreb, are actively involved in marking this manifestation today speaks of the significance and magnitude of this manifestation on a European scale.

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