Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

On the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is marked on April 28, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has prepared a lecture on the issue of noise in work environments and day-to-day life as well as the protection of hearing in work environments. The lecture was held for employees in Zagreb by Prof. Dr. Robert Trotić, the head of the Otology Institute at the Clinic for Otolaryngology of the Clinical Hospital Center “Sestre milosrdnice”.

The lecture is part of a range of activities in which the company teams up with experts to come up with educational projects and campaigns in regards to issues such as improving the quality protection at work, avoiding injuries, guidelines for safer and eco-friendlier driving, danger assessment and the like.

“We don’t notice high blood pressure until we experience difficulties, and the same applies to noise. It destroys cells in the inner ear. Therefore it’s important to reduce noise at work, and if we are working in noisy places, it’s important to protect our hearing. But this is not only a question of protection at work, it also pertains to noise protection in day-to-day life. The first time we feel an impairment, it is already too late to act, therefore it is good to work on raising employee awareness on the importance of hearing protection, but also awareness on what each one of us can do in order to reduce noise”, pointed out Dr. Robert Trotić.

“Employee safety and protection is amongst the top priorities of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia in day-to-day business operations. Therefore we are continuously advancing the system for the prevention of injuries at work and illnesses, trainings and raising awareness on the importance of quality protection at work, and we are proud that we are marking better results in this segments by the year”, said Mirjana Brlečić Bujanić, the director of the Quality Assurance Department, and Boška Trbojević, the director of the Public Affairs and Communications Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is marking the World Day for Safety and Health at Work as one of the leaders in best practices in Croatia, which is also proven by a trend towards a continuous decline in the number of work injuries. Thus the company has marked a drop of as much as 70 percent in injuries at work over the past ten years. In 2010, seven injuries were marked, of which only one was an injury at work, while the other six injuries took place on the way to and from work.
According to the principle of the lowest number of injuries at work, above data place Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia in third place out of all the countries which are part of Coca‑Cola Hellenic. By regularly updating the danger assessments and measures it carries out in order to reduce dangers to the lowest level possible, the company is showing a high degree of care for the protection of its employees at their places of work, and through various activities, such as regular medical check-ups for employees working in positions with special working conditions, it contributes to even higher employee safety.

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