The company received an acknowledgement for activities in relation to the protection and conservation of the Danube River and shows responsibility towards water resources in its day-to-day business operations, purifying as much as 97% of its waste water.

Coca‑Cola Hellenic has received an acknowledgement for its activities in relation to the protection and conservation of the Danube River, finding itself amongst companies nominated for the Ethical Corporation Award 2011.

This annual award pays tribute to companies that are leaders in responsible business practices. The award ceremony was held on May 3 in London, at the start of the Responsible Business Summit 2011. Coca‑Cola Hellenic was nominated in the best partnership category on the basis of its key role in the Green Danube project, which is carried out in partnership with The Coca‑Cola Company and the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR).

The aim of the Green Danube Partnership project is to protect and conserve the Danube River, one of the world’s most endangered rivers, as well as its tributaries and the natural habitats that surround it. This project has helped preserve swamps since 2005, ensuring conditions for the development of flora and fauna and offering support in the management of the river basin, which includes an extensive campaign with the aim to develop people’s awareness of the need to protect water resources.

According to the director of the Public Affairs and Communications Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia Boška Trbojević, the Green Danube Partnership plays a key role for one of the largest river basins in Europe, while it is also supported by other activities in Croatia within the framework of other socially responsible activities by Coca‑Cola.

“Green Danube reaches millions of people every year, conveying the message that the Danube is not only an important international waterway, but also an extremely important water source and a key biosphere. In Croatia, we support it additionally through activities within the framework of a project for the protection of the Sava River, which is one of the most significant tributaries to the Danube, and within the framework of the Our Beautiful Sava project, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the importance to conserve Croatia’s rivers, for people to return to rivers and to encourage ecological and tourist activities on sustainable development bases.”

Within the framework of the international Green Danube Partnership project, synchronised activities are carried out throughout the year in relation to environmental protection, educating people and raising people’s awareness, with the highlight being Danube Day, the biggest river festival in the world, which is marked on June 29.

Last year, more than 480 organisations took part in marking Danube Day, from non-governmental organisations to local government institutions. Along with their help, the Green Danube Partnership organised as many as 140 different events to mark this day. Amongst other things, scientific seminars were organised, round tables, eco camps, public cleaning campaigns as well as traditional cultural manifestations.

Since its founding, the Green Danube Partnership has received a multitude of acknowledgements, from the Global Water Awards in Mexico City in 2007, to the Thiess River Prize. Last year the project also received a special acknowledgement at the Water Innovation Awards in the Scottish town of Gleneagles for its “extraordinary and sustainable contribution to protecting and conserving water resources on an international level”.

Coca‑Cola Hellenic also demonstrates its responsibility towards water resources in its day-to-day business operations: as much as 97% of its waste water is purified and a facility for the final treatment of waste water is currently under construction. The company utilises water resources in a sustainable manner, and in cooperation with its suppliers it strives to reduce indirect water consumption. In all countries in which it does business, Coca‑Cola Hellenic works on protecting river basins in collaboration with local stakeholders, and encouraged by the success of Danube Day, it has launched an initiative to mark other river days, including rivers such as the Volga, Dnieper, Sava, Tisa and Visla.

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