Coca‑Cola Hellenic carries out its Danube protection project in 10 countries of the Danube basin. A number of events were staged in Croatia throughout June, as part of “Our Beautiful Sava” project, aimed at preserving this important tributary of the Danube.

More than 81 million people in Central and Eastern Europe will unite to preserve, protect and celebrate the river that connects their countries on 29 June, when the eighth annual Danube Day takes place. Danube Day is the largest river festival in the world and highlights conservation efforts along the course of the river Danube and within the wider Danube Basin which includes more than 300 tributaries.

As a founder member of the Green Danube Partnership*, Coca‑Cola Hellenic plays a key role in the increasingly broad series of awareness-raising activities ranging from local festivities to major international campaigns. In developing and staging celebrations, the Green Danube Partnership works together with governments, NGOs, educational institutions and local authorities.

Since the partnership was launched in 2005, it has raised awareness of the need to conserve vital water resources through a broad range of performances, exhibitions, competitions and the distribution of educational material. It has been especially keen to actively engage citizens in hands-on activities such as cleaning riverbanks, removing and recycling waste from waterways and rehabilitating wildlife habitats.

Rivers are in the focus for our conservation efforts. The Danube is an iconic waterway which has played a key role in the history and culture of many of the countries Coca‑Cola Hellenic operates in, which is why we are so committed to efforts to protect and preserve it.

"Celebrating the Danube Day, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia staged a number of events throughout June, as part of its very successful project “Our Beautiful Sava”. The project is aimed at raising awareness of the need to protect and preserve the River Sava, an important tributary of the Danube as well as developing tourism potentials based on sustainability principles. Activities include four city fairs, films about the River’s potential, children’s workshops and the presentation of the Nautical and tourist guide. A month-long project will finish after the Danube Day, on July 1, with the Sava Fair and the concert of the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO in Slavonski Brod", said Boška Trbojević, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

In the neighbouring countries, this year the Danube Day celebrations will pay special attention to the Tisza Basin, an important Danube tributary. In an example of the cross border collaboration that Danube Day embodies, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary will be celebrating their international cooperation in the Tisza Basin. Each country will place a memorial plaque at the source of the mighty river in the Carpathians near Rakhiv in Ukraine, in recognition of the progress made working together for the Tisza.

Every year, a particular focus for Danube Day activities is to inspire school pupils to be aware of the river’s importance. Schools throughout the Danube Basin were able to take part in the Danube Art Master competition to create sculptures and images from materials collected at river banks. Two winners from each of the 14 countries that celebrate Danube Day will be announced on the day itself.

As part of the project , the award-winning Danube Box was designed, an educational toolkit developed to inform future generations about the importance of resource conservation and water management, has been translated and specifically tailored for each country. The toolkit includes interactive materials, maps and games. Its goal is to raise pupils’ awareness about the protection of the Danube and its wise and sustainable use.

Danube Day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danube River Protection Convention in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 29 June, 1994.

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