On the new network station, a gift by Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia on the occasion of the 47th birthday of the Croatian Paralympic Committee (HPO), visitors will be able to follow the results of Paralympic athletes in London and other news.

At yesterday's commemoration of the International Paralympic Day in Split Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, the main sponsor of the Croatian Paralympic Committee, congratulated Paralympic athletes on their achievements so far and wished them a lot of success at the Paralympic Games in London next year. The commemoration was also an excellent opportunity for the introduction of the new visual identity of the Croatian Paralympic Committee and its website's new network station, which is a gift from Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia on the occasion of the committee's 47th birthday. The new website was created by Ivona Franić Malčić, UPI2M designer from Zagreb.

This is the fourth consecutive year of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia's sponsorship to point out to the public the needs of Paralympic athletes and the extraordinary results they achieve despite the challenging conditions in which they prepare for their competitions. Boška Trbojević, the director of the Public Relations and Communications Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia highlighted the excellent results of Paralympic athletes at the Games in Peking in 2008 and expressed satisfaction with the fact that due to aforementioned collaboration the company has greatly helped improve the quality of the preparation of the Paralympic athletes. "The success of the Paralympic athletes is proof that the athletic spirit knows no limits. We wish all athletes a lot of success at the Paralympic Games in London next year and we look forward to their new achievements which will be backed by years of hard training."

Along with Boška Trbojević, the commemoration was also attended by the Minister of Science, Education and Sports Dr. sc. Radovan Fuchs on behalf of Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, by David Blunt, the ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Croatia, parliamentary representative Ljubica Lukačić, Anka Anka Slonjšak, ombudsman for persons with disabilities, Ante Sanader, the head of Split-Dalmatia County, Anđelka Visković, deputy mayor of Split, and the president of the Croatian Paralympic Committee, Ratko Kovačić. They were joined by renowned public figures such as the coach of the national Croatian football team Slaven Bilić, taekwondoists Lucija and Ana Zaninović, singer Goran Karan, paralympic athletes Darko Kralj and Milka Milinković and numerous others. After the official part, an entertainment part ensued for all visitors during which a sitting volleyball match between OKI Split and the representation of Dalmatia and a match between a team of journalists and a team of high-ranking guests and celebrities were played. Meanwhile, younger guests had a great time drawing Mandeville, the mascot of the Paralympic Games in London at workshops organised by the Croatian Paralympic Committee, playing games with a sound ball and sitting basketball, while those who are a bit older had the chance to play table tennis.

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