The aim of the manual is to promote appropriate linguistic practices in business communication, and since it has outgrown the initial idea during the three years of its making, the company will give it as a gift to the community.

Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has distributed The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia – Croatian in Business Communication, the first manual whose aim is to raise the level of linguistic culture in communication within and outside the company, i.e. in business communication amongst its employees and in communication between employees and stakeholders, customers and consumers. The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is practically an aid in the form of a linguistic consultant which came about on the basis of a collection of texts proofread over three years which includes texts intended for internal and external communication which took place in Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia during that time period.

“The Language Manual came about within the framework of our continuous efforts to operate in accordance with the principles of social responsibility, which includes responsibility towards one’s own language. With the manual which we distributed amongst employees we want to contribute to raising the level of their language culture and appropriate business communication. We hope that this will be an example of good practices which will be followed by other companies”, explained Boška Trbojević, the director of the Public Affairs and Communication Department and the head of the The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia project.

The language manual was put together by Lana Hudeček, a scientific consultant from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Maja Matković, the longtime head of proofreaders and editors at Večernji list, and Igor Ćutuk, public affairs supervisor at Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, who headed the Business Communication Culture project, the aim of which was to raise the level of business communication in the company.

The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is part of this three-year project. It has 272 pages and consists of two parts: a classic manual which instructs employees about the basic rules of the Croatian standard language and the rules of appropriate business communication as well as a dictionary in alphabetical order which offers solutions for foreign and domestic words, expressions and concepts which employees encounter in their day-to-day work.

As more than two thousand words and names were gathered during the compilation of the manual, including many terms which were established for the first time in the Croatian language in collaboration with one of the leading experts for standard Croatian, the manual outgrew its initial purpose, and in the form in which it was published it also serves as a good tool for general application in other companies and a basis for raising the level of linguistic culture in business communication in general. Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has thus decided to give it as a gift to the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

“As a business organisation which brings together members of business entities who have recognised the importance and actively support sustainable development we encourage our members to invest in corporate social responsibility activities and thus not only advocate the acceptance of responsibility for the sustainable development of the community, but also to actively contribute to it. The language manual shows that Coca‑Cola understands the essence of socially responsible conduct because this project is the example of a unique and original social responsibility activity which combines knowledge and effort, and the result is an immeasurable contribution to the community in terms of raising the culture of language and business communication. Congratulations to Coca‑Cola for its exceptional efforts along with a recommendation to everyone to try to use the instructions from this manual in their business communication”, said Mirjana Matešić, the head of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR PSOR).

HR PSOR will publish the manual on its website, thus making it possible for everyone interested to use and download it.

About the compilation of The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia

The compilation of The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia took place from October 2008 to September this year within the framework of the Business Communication Culture project. Along with selecting the content of the manual and dictionary, it also included a number of sub-projects whose aim was to introduce uniform, standardised communication, amongst other things also on a linguistic level.

The company thus adopted a document in 2009 in which it accepts the solutions offered in the book Croatian Orthography by Stjepan Babić, Božidar Fink and Milan Moguš from 1996 as an orthographic standard. It also adopted the Procedural Rules for Internal and External Communication, which instructs, amongst other things, employees on ethical business communication and the importance of focusing on Croatian customers and consumers based on the application of an appropriate linguistic standard. In 2010 the company’s entire organisation was changed and the names of all organisational units were linguistically regulated (the company’s former sectors became departments, services, units and sub-units), while work is currently being done on aligning position names with the linguistic verification thereof. The standardisation of inscriptions on product labels and on promotional materials is currently being prepared with the aim to raise the level of communication with customers and consumers.

The value of this part also lies in the fact that The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia makes it possible for every employee to independently apply linguistic solutions and to improve his own linguistic knowledge and business correspondence and to recognise the correct terms in his business environment and use it. The Language Manual of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has been hailed by leading economic experts and linguists as well as the company’s business partners.

Contact person:

Igor Ćutuk
Public Relations Supervisor and head of the
Business Communication Culture project
at Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska d.o.o.
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