Zagreb, February 9, 2009 – On Monday, February 9, 2009, the Employer Partner Certificate was awarded to Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, which has confirmed excellent results in human resources management during the recertification process for the third successive year.

The general manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, Nikolaos Kalaitzidakis, said on this occasion that this was the result of long-standing work on the development of human resources.

“We are proud that we were amongst the first to be awarded the Employer Partner Certificate and that we have managed to maintain it until this day, with the highest realised results in all certification segments. We got there thanks to continuous investments, but also the careful considerations of our experts about areas for improvement and development. We are happy that amongst employees, particularly young people, we were recognised as one of the most attractive employers.

The Employer Partner Certificate obliges us to maintain a high level of quality in the future as well, but that we also develop our human resources. In terms of the business sector, our wish is for the certificate to be an incentive for a more powerful exchange of experiences and good practices with other Employer Partners”, pointed out Nikolaos Kalaitzidakis.

Congratulating the Coca‑Cola team, the head of the Employer Partner Certificate project, Ivana Zekić, emphasized that the award should be viewed within the context of a wider contribution to the development of human resources.

“We sincerely congratulate CCHBCH for the confirmation of its status as an Employer Partner and a Top 5 Employer Partner in 2008. As has been the case so far, CCHBCH has shown that it cares for excellent practices and that it presents an example to companies on how systematic, strategic human resources management is built.

We have followed innovativeness and continuous investments in all segments (from the employment, monitoring, rewarding and development of employees as well as relations and communication amongst employees) continuously for the past three years and can truly confirm that CCHBCH highly contributes to raising the quality of the Employer Partner project, the knowledge that is transferred amongst all participants in the project and the human resources management standard on our market.”

For more information, please contact:

Boška Trbojević
Public Affairs and Communications Manager
Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia
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