The Employer Partner Certificate is awarded to companies which meet highest quality standards in human resources management.

Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has been certified as an Employer Partner for the fifth successive time. Coca‑Cola once again received the certificate which is awarded by Selectio Group and vouches for excellence in human resources management with the highest score.

“From the very beginning, ever since we started with the certification, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has been scoring excellent results and, more importantly, excellence in areas that are most difficult to develop in Croatia. I congratulate the entire team, but also the leadership of the company, because without the support of the leadership it surely wouldn’t have been possible to achieve such excellent results”, said SELECTIO Group representative Jasmina Sočković at the award ceremony.

SELECTIO Group is the leading Croatian company specialised in human resources consulting, and together with the project’s main sponsor MojPosao it has been awarding the certificate since 2006. The evaluation includes as many as forty-one points in five different areas: strategy, recruitment and selection, work, motivation and rewarding, training and development as well as employee relations.

The award ceremony for this prestigious certificate, which Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has adorned itself with every year since it came into existence, was attended by the company’s entire leadership. Apart from this year’s certification results, the progress achieved in each of the forty-one points evaluated during the certification process were pointed out. On this occasion, General Manager Ramon Weidinger thanked all management members, but also all employees.

“I would like to thank all managers, but also all employees who have applied these best practices. This is not only the success of the Human Resources Department, this is the success of all employees”, pointed out General Manager Weidinger.

The award was received on behalf of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia by the director of the Human Resources Department Tanya Šplajt-Brainović, who thanked department heads and congratulated her team from the Human Resources Department on once again on winning an award which is presented only to companies which prove that they are continuously and systematically investing in human resources development and management. “I am pleased that the entire management has gathered here to become aware of the progress to which they have contributed as well since the last certification one year ago and the position we are in compared to other companies in Croatia”, said Tanya Šplajt-Brainović.

The purpose of the Employer Partner Certificate is to promote the importance of quality human resources management in business and other organisations, while rewarding at the same time the best of them. In addition, the certificate also strives to promote human resources management, to advance processes and to increase management standards and to increase awareness amongst the broader business public about the importance of human resources management.

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