Students of the Faculty of Medicine have their own Sports Association which organised a very dynamic event in Šalata, an area in Zagreb, on February 12, with a little help from Coca‑Cola. This was the 9th traditional annual race called "162 stars”. There were over 200 enthusiastic participants, a figure that was a very nice surprise for the organisers and a record-breaker for the race that was first organised in 2003.

Participants were not discouraged either by a very challenging, 4500 m long course, across a very steep terrain in Mesićeva, Grškovićeva and Rockefellerova streets and Schlosserove stube (Schlosser stairs), or by the gloomy weather. There were people from all walks of live, young and old, students, athletes and amateurs.

Bernard Vojko Andrijašević, chairman of the Sports Association of Medical Students and one of the organizers said:

"There are more participants than we expected. Until the very last moment we were receiving phone calls from the people who wanted to participate in the race”.

The race was open by Davor Miličić, PhD, dean of the Faculty of Medicine. As he said, the old Latin saying "Mens sana in corpore sano” is important and we need to use it as a tool to fight the kind of lifestyle that keeps us seated, to put a stop to obesity, stress and all other disadvantages of a modern lifestyle.

Mr. Miličić said: "Physical activity is necessary in order to prevent diseases, be fit and mentally healthy as well. We need to take care of our body and this is exactly the idea we wish to promote not only with this race, but in general."

Promoting a healthy lifestyle was the main motivator for Coca‑Cola to join in, since this in line with corporate social responsibility guidelines and it is complementary to all the company’s activities aimed at promoting healthy and active lifestyles in urban areas. Igor Ćutuk, Public Affairs Supervisor at Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, was not an active participant in the race but he brought presents for all the winners which put a smile on their faces.

He said: "It is a great pleasure for us to be able to support such initiatives pursued by young people and students, which promote sports and exercise." He paid compliments to students of the Faculty of Medicine for such a successful event as well and congratulated the winners on reaching the finish line so quickly.

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