The Employer Partner Certificate is awarded to organisations that meet quality standards in human resources management

Zagreb, March 25, 2010 – Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has received the Employer Partner Certificate, through which it affirmed excellent results in human resources management during the recertification process for the fourth successive year.

The certificate is awarded by the company SELECTIO, a leading Croatian company specialised in human resources consulting, with MojPosao as the main sponsor of the project, based on an appraisal that includes areas such as strategy, scouting and selection, performance, motivation and rewarding, training and development, as well as relations to employees. The certificate was presented to Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia HR Director Tanya Šplajt-Brainović by SELECTIO Director Jasmina Sočković.

On behalf of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia Tanya Šplajt-Brainović pointed out that this was a significant acknowledgement because it was only awarded to companies that proved that they consistently and systematically invested in human resources development and management:

“With this, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has once again affirmed itself as a company that meets all human resources management standards, and the Employer Partner Certificate obliges us to maintain a high quality level in the future as well and to develop our human resources, primarily by investing in our own talents, by continuing cooperation with students and by encouraging volunteer work and innovativeness amongst employees.

We were amongst the first to receive the Employer Partner Certificate and have managed to maintain it until this day, which we are particularly proud of. We achieved this thanks to continuous investments, attracting talents, encouraging our best employees, but also thanks to the careful considerations of our experts about areas for improvement and development”.

SELECTIO Director Jasmina Sočković congratulated Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia on affirming its Employer Partner status: “As hitherto, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia has shown that it cultivates excellent practices and it is a model and example to companies on how to construct systematic, strategic human resources management”.

The purpose of presenting the Employer Partner Certificate is to promote the significance of quality human resources management in business and other organisations, along with the concurrent rewarding of the best of them. The aim is also to promote human resources management, improve processes and raise standards in human resources management, and to increase awareness of the wider economic public about the importance of human resources management.

The Employer Partner Certificate has been awarded since 2005, and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia affirmed its Employer Partner status for the fourth successive year this year.