Bistra is the official water of Špancirfest, which will take place from August 19-28. A festival of urban walkers will gather artists from all over the world and feature as much as 250 events.

As announced at the press conference on June 29, this year’s festival of urban walkers, Špancirfest, will take place from August 19-28 in Varaždin. Visitors will have a chance to attend as much as 250 festival events, such as theatre plays, street performances, children’s plays, creative workshops and live concerts featuring many well-known Croatian and foreign performers, the most prominent of which are Asian Dub Foundation and Morcheeba. Concert stages will also feature the following performers: Urban&4, Vatra, Jinx, Let3, TBF, Majke, Električni orgazam, Darko Rundek & Cargo Trio, Vlatko Stefanovski Trio, Bolesna braća, Kawasaki 3P, Neno Belan & Fiumens and many other bands from Croatia and the region.

Both in Croatia and abroad, Špancirfest is recognised as a festival of positive emotions which gathers artists and people of good will from all over the world, gaining importance as a cultural and entertainment event and a national cultural event of the summer that should be paid compliments to. Optimism, socialising and promoting culture are key values recognised and promoted by Coca‑Cola. The company supports various projects on the global level, which promote tradition, culture and heritage of the local communities and the tourism based on sustainability principles.

"Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and its natural water Bistra are proud to support Špancirfest because Bistra and Špancirfest promote the same values – encouraging tourism on the local level and preserving culture and tradition of Varaždin and the north-west of Croatia”, said Igor Ćutuk, Public Affairs Supervisor of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia had already established cooperation with the City of Varaždin on its project Bistra and Bike. As part of this project, Varaždin already got a map of its bike routes and there was a bike tour, with hundreds of cyclists taking part, staged to promote cycling and healthy lifestyles.


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