Zagreb, June 5, 2008 – Young talents of Croatian science have another chance to spend their summer vacation expanding their knowledge and discovering the incredible world of natural science.

For the second time, the educational camp “Bistra researchers”, for 7th and 8th grade students from all over Croatia, will be organised on July 12-19, 2008 at Višnjan science education center led by Korado Korlević. By funding the educational camp, Bistra continues to support youth development through science, creativity and responsible leadership.


Educational camp “Bistra researchers” is a program designed for primary school children who are interested in getting to know the world of science and technology in an exciting way, through games and structured research in the field of natural phenomena. In addition, through projects in astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and other scientific disciplines, that encourage creativity in problem-solving and acquisition of basic skills and methods of “scientific thinking”, the camp offers experience-based learning of basic scientific terms and methods.

Last year’s camp, organized for 5th and 6th grade students, proved that experience-based learning is a very successful method. Students who took part in the program pointed out to new discoveries in the world of science. Young archaeologists, for example, found a new pre-historic site in Klabušac near Višnjan, young chemists analyzed water pollution at several site and measured bio-contamination in several caves and caverns. They found sites with high pollution levels and informed the authorities about their findings. Young physicists made a solar balloon with a message.

Presenting this year’s camp, Korado Korlević said: “For a very long period, the science education centre Višnjan has been the key place to provide additional education for gifted children.

Our systematic efforts in doing so have been recognized by many distinguished scientists and, what is more important, by students from all over Croatia and from other parts of the world. I am glad that Bistra also recognized the importance of our Youth Science Camp, especially because water is one of the most important factors in making precise plans for expeditions, in the functioning of human organism and in making decisions correctly.”

As a socially responsible partner in the local community, with its brand Bistra, Coca‑Cola Beverages Croatia invests in children and youth-oriented programs. The objective is to support youth development through science, creativity and responsible leadership. Therefore, supporting the Youth Science Camp in Višnjan was a logical step in Bistra’s activities. Almost one third of human organism is water, 60% of which is inside cells and the rest between them. Water plays a crucial role in the physiological development and everyday functioning of human body, as well as brain, which is the key factor for young Bistra researchers.

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