Science-talented elementary school students will study the world of natural sciences by taking part in projects in astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and other sciences.

July 5 was the last day of a 7-day science camp at the Science education center Višnjan, which brought together ten children from all over Croatia. paving the way for this year’s central educational camp Bistra Researchers. About 15 elementary school students (5th and 6th grade) will take part in this unique school outdoors program which will take place from August 20-27 at the Science education center Višnjan.

With the professional guidance of the astronomer Korado Korlević and experts from the Science education center Višnjan, young Bistra researchers, archaeologists, speleologists and biologists will discover the world of science and technology in an exciting way, with games and guided research of the natural phenomena. This year’s activities will place special focus on aerospace technologies (all types of aircraft, from balloons to radio-control (RC) airplanes) and underground pollution in Istria, primarily in caves.

“Besides encouraging children to adopt a creative approach to problem solving and helping them acquire some basic skills of scientific thinking, the camp provides an opportunity for experiential learning about the basic scientific terms and methods and as such, it has won recognition from many distinguished scientists and, which is more important, from students from all over Croatia and the world. I am pleased that Bistra has also recognised these values and supported our camp for many years,” said Korado Korlević, Head of the Science education center Višnjan

“We try to use every opportunity there is to help the development of young people and promote science, creativity and responsible leadership. I am, therefore, particularly pleased that by supporting Bistra Researchers camp, we continue with our efforts in the popularisation of science and in supporting educational programs for talented students in Croatia. Taking into consideration all Bistra activities in this area, providing support for the educational camp in Višnjan was a logical choice,” said Boška Trbojević, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

Every year, young scientists have great results and they point to some new facts in the world of science. Since the camp’s beginnings, its participants discovered a prehistoric archaeological site in Klabušac, close to Višnjan, they discovered the location of St. Francis chapel from the 9th century and made a replica prehistoric pottery kiln. They tested the quality of water in several locations, recorded significant findings in mosquito research, conducted bio-pollution analysis in several caves and caverns near Višnjan and made a solar balloon that carried a message.


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