VUKOVAR, June 21, 2010 – Bistra’s bike tour Pedalling through Vukovar gathered, according to organiser estimates, more than 700 bicyclists, i.e. more than a thousand participants of all generations who enjoyed the accompanying entertainment and music program on Vukovar’s Republike Hrvatske Square last Saturday, June 19. The organiser of the bike tour was Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska and its Bistra natural water, in cooperation with the City of Vukovar, the Tourism Board of the city of Vukovar, the “Bicikl” Association, along with support from the Vukovar-Syrmia Police Department and the host, the Vukovar Bicycling Club.

The biker convoy was headed by Zeljko Sabo, the mayor of Vukovar, and he was joined by Boska Trbojevic, the director of the Communication and Public Relations Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska; Darinka Jug, the president of the “Bicikl” Association; Jasna Babic, the director of the Tourism Board of the city of Vukovar; Darko Stankoski, the president of the Vukovar Bicycling Club, and Mario Valentic, who headed the events.

The bike tour was seven kilometers long and had the following route: Republike Hrvatske Square - Dr. F. Tuđmana Street – J. J. Strossmayera Street – Županijska Street – Priljevo – Matice hrvatske Street – Ljudevita Posavskog Street – 204. vukovarske brigade Street – Dr. Antuna Bauera Street – J. J. Strossmayera Street – Dr. F. Tuđmana Street – Republike Hrvatske Square. All cyclists could exchange their bike tour registration form for a Bistra shirt, a cycling map of Vukovar and a bottle of Bistra water, while the Vukovar-Syrmia Police Department took care of the cyclist convoy’s safety.

Apart from the cyclists, all other visitors, residents of Vukovar and surrounding towns, also had a great time at the Bistra bike tour, because a rich entertainment and music program, which started right before the beginning of the bike tour with a performance by the band Wipers, had been organised for them.

After the bike tour, all participants had a good time with performances by the Venera dancing group, Vukovar majorettes and KUD Sloga. Coca‑Cola gave away a total of seven Bistra bikes through a raffle, while participants of a traffic quiz and journalists who partook in a “fast-Bistra-drinking” contest competed for another three bikes and other Coca‑Cola prizes.

We are pleased that the City of Vukovar is the co-organiser of the Bistra bike tour, a project that will surely contribute to a large extent to the development of cycling in Vukovar. Vukovar also received its first biking map, which will be a valuable instrument in the promotion of our city to tourists and bicycling fans. We are grateful to Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska for the valuable donation of bicycle parking spots and Bistra bikes, and I am convinced that a large number of Vukovar’s municipal administration employees will happily use them to get to work or for recreation – pointed out Vukovar Mayor Zeljko Sabo at a press conference held on Thursday, June 17, at which the Vukovar biking map was introduced. At the press conference the mayor also received a valuable donation from Coca‑Cola on behalf of Vukovar’s municipal administration – bicycle parking spots and three Bistra bikes that will be at the disposal of administration employees for rides through the city and getting to work.

Coca‑Cola is very much linked to sports and an active lifestyle and has thus been, for example, the sponsor of Olympic Games and the World Football Championship for many years. Since 2003 Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska has been supporting, and has for the past couple of years also been organizing bike tours throughout Croatia in cooperation with the “Bicikl” Association.

We are also promoting bicycling as a healthy and affordable alternative to car traffic in cities through the “Around Town by Bike” project, and with the “Bicikl” Association we have also realised the printing of biking maps for Varazdin, Zadar, Zagreb, Osijek, and the latest for Vukovar.

Apart from the public, we are also promoting cycling towards our employees through the “From Now on to Work by Bike” project, within the framework of which everyone has the opportunity to use Bistra bikes free of charge for transportation to and from work or recreationally in their free time – pointed out Boska Trbojevic, director of the Communication and Public Relations Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska, during the presentation of the donation.

We consider the cooperation between the “Bicikl” Association and Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska a natural synergy in the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle and an excellent example of a public-private partnership in coming up with socially responsible projects. Considering that the air is not being polluted and no noise is produced through bike rides, while a half-hour bike ride covers the body’s daily need for physical activity, bikes are an excellent choice as a means of transportation in cities – explained Darinka Jug, president of the “Bicikl” Association, at the press conference.

Along with the Bistra bike tour, Vukovar’s first biking map, which contains biking routes in the city and surroundings, will certainly contribute to the development of cycle tourism and the further promotion of Vukovar’s tourist contents. Bicycling has been present in the city as a favourite form of recreation for a long time, regardless of gender, age or physical shape, and Vukovar is also part of the international Danube biking route Eurovelo 6, which is connected to the local Syrmia biking path.

Around sixty Coca‑Cola employees, who wanted to support the promotion of cycle tourism in Vukovar-Syrmia County with their participation, partook in the Bistra bike tour as well.

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