A jubilee Zagrebačka žbica bike tour was held on Wednesday, September 22, 2010, organised by the Bicikl Association and the City of Zagreb, with support from Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and its Bistra brand. Zagrebačka žbica celebrated its 10th anniversary and has had the highest attendance this year, while Coca‑Cola’s project Bike To Work celebrated its first birthday at the same time.

The aim of this bicycle ride through Zagreb is to promote bicycling as a reasonable and healthy means of transportation in urban communities, and this event marks the end of the European Mobility Week every year, and thus this year as well. The bicyclists, around 2,000 according to organiser estimates, rode on a seven-kilometer stretch through the center of town.
“We have been organising Zagrebačka žbica for as many as 10 years and the weather’s been different every year. The last two years the weather was good, it was sunny, and what makes us very happy is the fact that there are ever more bicyclists every year, not only at the Žbica, but also around town. This year we have also organised the promotion of a bicycling anthem, so we will mark its tenth birthday in a really nice way”, said Darinka Jug, the president of the Bicikl Association.
A real bicyclist commotion on Cvjetni trg that included an exceptionally large number of bicyclists of all ages, but also seven bicycling teams, is the best proof that the bicycle is really winning every more hearts amongst Zagreb residents. A team from Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska, which organises in cooperation with the Bicikl Association various projects throughout Croatia with the aim to promote bicycling, found itself amongst the participants this year once again. This year’s Žbica was definitely the pinnacle of cooperation between Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and the Bicikl Association, which has been on since 2003 and which, apart from bicycling events in various parts of Croatia, has also resulted in the printing of bicycling maps for five large cities in Croatia. Apart from the public, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is also promoting health and exercise amongst its employees through the project Bike to Work.
“We are very pleased with the success of the Bike to Work project and we have had a very good response by employees in the year since we implemented it. Today we have as many as 60 Bistra bikes at locations throughout Croatia which employees can use to get to work or for recreational purposes. Apart from this, employees have also started to purchase bicycles, so I hope that we will partake in the Žbica in an even larger number next year and that we will imbue our employees even more with exercise and optimism for life as a lifestyle”, explained Boska Trbojevic, Public Affairs and Communication Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.