Coca‑Cola HBC supports and promotes sustainable plants and warehouses; we’re always looking to introduce innovative processes and solutions.

Coca‑Cola HBC is committed to developing its business sustainably and to respecting the environment. This means we support sustainable plants and warehouses and focus on developing innovative processes and solutions for our products and processes.

Innovation for a clean, renewable energy supply

From 2010, we have consistently reduced our carbon emissions and water consumption per litre of soft drink produced. We look to reduce our carbon emissions and explore all available green energy technologies. 

Natural mineral water technologies

We’re focused on developing solutions that will make the cleaning and sanitation of our water systems more effective,  preventing possible quality issues.

Our innovations include a pigging technology that allows us to combine mechanical and chemical cleaning of single pipelines; testing new disinfectants not only in the laboratory but also at an industrial scale, and evaluating cognitive tools which are likely to support root cause analysis in the context of quality deviation.