Coca‑Cola’s social responsibility project has won a special award for its outstanding national contribution to linking cultures through tourism. In 2009, the project won a European Excellence Award and it received an award by the renowned U.S. magazine PR News on September 14 this year.

The Our Beautiful Sava project, which was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management, the International Sava River Basin Commission and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, has won a special CBTour (Croatian Business Tourism) award for its outstanding national contribution to linking cultures through tourism, which is at the same time the topic of this year’s World Tourism Day. CBTour awards for innovations in business tourism were awarded to the most successful projects at a ceremony at the Croatian Chamber of Economy in Zagreb yesterday.

The CBTour awards were presented for the second consecutive year by the Sigma Inventors’ Society and the Croatian Chamber of Economy – European Enterprise Network Croatia within the framework of a unique and the largest European project to systematically award innovations in tourism to offer support to the development of Croatia’s overall business and tourism offer. A total of 64 projects from all over Croatia were submitted to the competition, of which 37 projects were short-listed for CBTour awards in nine specific categories and another two special categories (students and photography). The basic criteria for the selection of nominated programs and projects as well as award winners were the level of inventiveness of the proposed program or project, the quality and content innovativeness of the proposed project or program, the intellectual property protection status as well as references in the implementation of programs or projects in cooperation with EU institutions.

The presenting of the awards for innovation in business tourism also presented the marking of World Tourism Day, with the aim to emphasise the importance of tourism for a global benefit, to point out the importance of promoting an intercultural dialogue and to point out the leading businesses which ensure the development of national tourism in its entirety.

Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia received an award as the overall winner in competition with the Sinjali Society from Baska, Rijeka Sport d.o.o. and the Tourist Board of the city of Dubrovnik.

“It is our great pleasure that our social responsibility project Our Beautiful Sava received a special award within the framework of the CBTour project for its outstanding national contribution to linking cultures through tourism. With the Our Beautiful Sava project we want to raise awareness about the importance to protect Croatian waters and water resources with a special emphasis on the Sava River, but we also want to promote the development of eco-tourism and tourist contents on sustainability bases. This great acknowledgement of the project is proof to us that Coca‑Cola’s vision of investing in the community has been recognised and it best proves the success of the project which includes institutions on all levels”, said Igor Ćutuk, public relations supervisor at Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and the leader of the Our Beautiful Sava project.

The Our Beautiful Sava project includes numerous institutions on all levels, from state bodies to the city governments of Sisak, Slavonski Brod and Županja as well as tourist boards and museums in Zagreb, Sisak, Slavonski Broad and Županja on a local level, with the joint goal to protect and promote the area along the Sava River. Considering that the Our Beautiful Sava project won a European Excellence Award in 2009 and recently an honorary award by the U.S. magazine PR News, this is the third acknowledgement for the Our Beautiful Sava project. To find out more about the project, please go to the project’s official website

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