More than 4.000 residents of Slavonski Brod gathered for the popular Fišijada (fish paprikaš contest) which saw 160 contestants this year.

The 2011 edition of Our Beautiful Sava ended with the Sava Fair in Slavonski Brod and the final performance was staged by the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO, which presented some traditional songs and tunes from the Sava Region that have never been staged in front of the audience before.

Sava Fairs in Zagreb (June 3-5), Županja (June 11), and Sisak (June 18) were a great success, and the CSR project Our Beautiful Sava reached its climax on the promenade in Slavonski Brod, close to the city stadium next to the River Sava. The event was staged by the City of Slavonski Brod and Slavonski Brod Tourist Board.

Visitors had a chance to enjoy music and entertainment program and se a photo exhibition entitled Centuries of life on the River Sava. Key performers were the tamburica ensemble Širok.

More than 4.000 people, residents of Slavonski Brod and their guests, visited the Fair to celebrate the Sava Day. Besides enjoying music and entertainment program, they also had a chance to try traditional foods and drinks and see traditional arts and crafts from the Region. The central event was the traditional fish paprikaš contest called Fišijada. There were 160 contestants from all parts of the County, which proves how popular the contest is. The jury has awarded prizes to Željko Matijević from Nova Gradiška, Tihomir Princip from Slavonski Brod and Vinko Smoljanac from Vrbje.

One of this year’s new features was the workshop entitled Life in the water – what you can and what you can’t see, facilitated by experts from the Central water management laboratory of the Croatian water management company. The workshop was aimed to educate children and raise the visitors’ awareness of the importance to test and monitor water quality in order to preserve this vital resource and its quality.
The Mayor of Slavonski Brod, Mirko Duspara, said: “The fact that Our Beautiful Sava once again reaches its climax in Slavonski Brod is an acknowledgement of the success the Fair had achieved last year. Since there were more than 15.000 visitors last year, we can say this event has exceeded its local character and become a project of national importance.”

“Thanks to Our Beautiful Sava and similar projects, Slavonski Brod and its surroundings will become more familiar to and more popular with tourists. Besides using the current tourism potential of the Region, its development largely depends on public-private partnerships, so we are extremely grateful to Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia for this initiative,” said Biljana Lončarić, director of the Slavonski Brod Tourist Board.

“We have a common goal – to raise awareness of how important it is to protect and preserve the River Sava, embrace it and use its tourism and economic potential based on sustainability principles. We believe that the Sava Fair is the best way to promote this goal, and we have, therefore, made the program even more interesting than last year by adding some additional features,” said Igor Ćutuk, Public Affairs Supervisor of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

“Protecting water resources is a duty we all share, and occasions like this one give us an opportunity to confine our full attention to a drop of water, without which there would be no life. Water is a topic we cannot avoid and it can never be exhausted because it affects all of us. This project attracts a lot of interest, which indicates that there is an incredibly large number of stakeholders when it comes to water protection and the sustainable use of water resources", said Ružica Drmić, Head of Directorate for Water Policy and International Projects at the Ministry of regional development, forestry and water management.

Our Beautiful Sava is a joint project of the Ministry of regional development, forestry and water management, the Ministry of the sea, transport and infrastructure, the International Sava River Basin Commission, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia. The project was supported by the Croatian water management company (Hrvatske vode), Slavonski Brod Tourist Board, Tourist Board of the County of Slavonski Brod-Posavina and the County Sports Fishing Association and Hrvatski farmer (a company for rural development and marketing).

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