Gifted high school students present their achievements in fields like astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and other scientists to the famous musician.

Prior to the completion of this year's tour, the famous musician Gibonni visited the educational camp Bistra Researchers, which has been organised at the Scientific-Education Center Visnjan in Istria in cooperation with Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia for years. The popular composer thus paid tribute to the organisers of this unique school program in natural surroundings which gifted high school students partake in.

In the company of the manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia's Public Relations and Communications Department Boska Trbojevic and the head of the Scientific-Education Center Visnjan Korade Korlevic, Gibonni visited Bistra's young researchers, who presented the results of their work and the achievements of this year's camp to him.

“I’m happy to have the chance to spend time with these brilliant young people here in Visnjan. I fully support such initiatives because I believe that we have to support the education and development of talents, especially when it comes to young people. I’m delighted about the achievements of the students participating in this program, which motivates, thanks to the organisers Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and the Scientific-Education Center Visnjan, gifted high school students to persevere in what they like to do”, pointed out Gibonni.

Under the expert guidance of astronomer Korade Korlevic and experts from the Scientific-Education Center Visnjan, young archaeologists, speleologists and biologists get to know the world of science and technology in a new and interesting way, through play and by examining natural phenomena. The organisers of this year’s camp pay special attention to airspace technology (all types of aircraft – from balloons to radio-controlled aeroplanes) and to researching underground pollution in Istria, primarily in caves.

“I’m proud that by supporting the Bistra Researchers camp we continue to encourage the popularization of natural sciences and the training of gifted students in Croatia. We believe that knowledge, creativity and expertise are the basis for the development of young people, so supporting the educational camp in Visnjan is the logical consequence of Bistra’s activities in this area”, pointed out Boska Trbojevic, the manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia’s Public Relations and Communications Department.

Young scientists achieve significant results every year and draw with their work attention to new insights in the world of science. In the past years, camp attendants have discovered new prehistoric locations in Klabusac close to Visnjan, they discovered the St. Francis Chapel from the 9th century and made a replica of a prehistoric furnace for the production of ceramic dishes. They have examined water purity at various locations, achieved significant results in mosquito research, they analysed the biological pollution of a number of pits and caves close to Visnjan and constructed a solar balloon with a message.

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