Sisak, June 13, 2009 – Within the framework of the “Our Beautiful Sava” project, Sisak was the host of the Sava Fair today, where traditional customs, trades and crafts related to the Sava River and Sisak as well as traditional folk songs from the Sisak region were presented.

At the second of the four Sava Fairs that will be held in cities on the Sava River throughout June, craftsmen and associations that promote traditional values introduced themselves to the residents of Sisak and their guests and reminded all those present about the past life along the Sava River.

The Sisak City Museum introduced part of its collection in connection to traditional crafts and trades from the Sisak-Moslovača region to guests, while traditional embroidery that has been created by Mara Sućec and Kata Šešarin for years was also presented to guests, as well as traditional clay souvenirs from the Strucka trade.

The ‘Posavska češnjovka’ association introduced itself with smoked garlic sausages and traditional cakes, the Marinčić winery with wines from the Sisak region, while Obiteljsko poljoprivredno gospodarstvo Veselić introduced itself with eco-jams, marmalades and liqueurs. Fair visitors had the chance to watch the preparation of and taste ‘fišpaprikaš’ (fish stew), which was prepared with fish from the Sava River by Darko Kirin, the Croatian ‘fišpaprikaš’ champion.

Visitors also had the chance to see the travelling exhibition “Life on the Sava River through the Centuries”, with was put together in cooperation with the Sisak City Museum in Sisak, the Brodsko Posavlje Museum, the Native Museum “Stjepan Gruber” from Županja and the Končar Canoe Club from Zagreb.

The organisers of the program are the International Commission for the Sava River Basin, the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management, the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia.

The importance of the Sava River for the life of the citizens of Croatia and the promotion of the return of social and economic activities on the Sava River along with the preservation of its environment and bio diversity were also recognised by representatives of the Sisak City Administration, the Tourism Board of the city of Sisak and the Sisak City Museum, which contributed to the realisation of the marking of the Sava River Day.

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