With its Sustainability Report for 2007 and 2008, which has received the highest mark so far in Croatia, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is marking its tenth anniversary of promoting social responsibility.

ZAGREB, December 2, 2009 – Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia presented its third sustainability report in Zagreb today, in which it published, in accordance with the strictest global standards, information about its business activities in Croatia as well as effects on the environment and Croatian society as a whole.

The report covers the company’s business activities in 2007 and 2008 and is an expression of its true dedication to the development of corporate social responsibility. It was assessed by an independent commission from the Governing Council of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, which awarded it an A. This is the highest mark for sustainability reporting in Croatia so far and proof for the successful implementation of the highest standards assigned for sustainability reporting by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

With the ceremonial presentation of its Sustainability Report, which was, along with the leadership of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, also attended by its key partners with whom it cooperated in this segment, the tenth anniversary of the company’s promotion of corporate social responsibility, during which Coca‑Cola succeeded in incorporating the four basic tenets of sustainable development in Croatia: investment in the local community, environmental protection, the market and the work environment, was marked as well.

This is a important anniversary because present-day Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia was amongst the first in Croatia, but also amongst all Coca‑Cola branches world-wide, to start promoting corporate social responsibility.

Presenting an overview of the company’s activities in 2007 and 2008, the latest report shows the course of progress of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia over the past two years. Within the framework of this document the results achieved, its development strategy, as well as its values and business approach towards consumers and suppliers were presented. The backbone of sustainable development is environmental protection, and within the framework of the report, data about effects on the environment, quality monitoring and protection systems in production, as well as a risk control and management strategy were presented as well.

Two segments that are pointed out in particular in the reporting period for 2007 and 2008 are human resources and investments in the community. In terms of human resources, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is, according to the assessment of independent experts, at the very top in Croatia, while it distinguishes itself in investments in the community through inventive cooperation projects that exceed the classic approach of making donations to the community.

Along with this, Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia employees actively contribute with their voluntary work to projects in which the company is investing, through which a feeling of ownership of projects as well as the social and environmental capital that these projects promote is developed.

“The vision of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia is to be the indisputable leader. In order to truly realise this, we are constantly working on the development of corporate social responsibility. More importantly, we have integrated the concept of responsible behaviour in all activities throughout the company. The results and information presented in this document will be useful for consumers, but also employees, interest groups and other companies as a way of presenting oneself outside traditional frameworks and by showing the practical intention of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia in approaching the idea of sustainable development.” - Nikolaos Kalaitzidakis, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia

For additional information about the Sustainability Report and investment projects in corporate social responsibility, please contact the Communications and Public Relations Department of Coca‑Cola HBC Hrvatska by calling 01/2480-167 or by sending an e-mail to igor.cutuk@cchellenic.com.